Innovative Scenario Building & Replay Approach

Build Scenarios

Based on your user stories, drag & drop the interaction models generated from your web application to build test scenarios code-lessly. Product managers, developers or testers can do the job without specific automation developing skills.

Run Cases Automatically

Run your scenarios and cases automatically on various browser and OS combinations whether locally or on cloud. You can also integrate the automated E2E testing into your continuous integration/delivery process to cope with the fast iterations

Check Problems

You will be informed of the result after all the test is over. You can check whether every case has been passed to ensure the final quality before delivery. You can also access all the evidences, such as screenshots, page sources etc to locate the problem.

For Product/Development Team

SWATHub helps you control the delivery quality by building E2E testing within an agile team.

Automation and agile testing process enable an efficient QA even without a professional testing team.

For Testing Team

SWATHub relieves your burden of regression test in every iteration, and eliminates the repetitive work of browser compatibility verficiation.

Therefore, your team can focus more on tests which requires human creativity, such as exploratory testing and user experience testing.